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Under the knife with Hypnosis

“At a hospital in Peterborough, Bernadine Coady, has been having routine knee surgery. But unlike most patients, she was not given any anaesthetic – instead, the 67-year-old claimed she used self-hypnosis to control the pain. She told surgeon Ahmed Shair of the private Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital in Cambridgeshire that she could feel only […]

Hypnosis and Acupuncture Show Promise for Labour Pain

A review of non-drug pain relief therapies suggests that hypnosis and acupuncture may ease labour pain. “There is too little research to assess how effective many complementary therapies will be with pain management in labour,” said lead study author Caroline Smith. Further research is needed, she said, but “the results concerning acupuncture and hypnosis are […]

Hypnotherapy 'could ease chest pain'

Hypnotherapy could offer relief from severe chest pain that is not caused by a heart condition. Researchers found 80 per cent reported ‘significant’ relief from pain after undergoing the treatment. About a third of people who have chest pain have no identifiable cause for why they suffer. Researchers believe that acid reflux or psychological problems […]

Hypnosis for pre-surgery anxiety

New research from the American Society of Anesthesiologists indicates that Hypnosis could help soothe anxiety before surgery. They found that after one hypnosis session, patients were less anxious about their operation than they had been just half an hour before.

Power of suggestion

Hypnosis gains support as medical tool for dealing with pain, recovery, stress. Teaching hospitals such as Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Harvard Medical School are studying and using hypnosis to speed surgical recoveries and manage pain. Stanford University School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic are studying its effectiveness for treating […]

You won't feel a thing

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) a team of neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh have seen hypnosis actually working on the brain. In a study to be published this year, a group of patients with the painful rheumatic condition fibromyalgia were hypnotised to imagine a dial controlling their pain levels and the brain activity […]

Cutting out the drugs

The idea that hypnosis alone can be powerful enough to block out the pain of surgery may seem far-fetched. But research has provided clear indications that hypnosis can alter the brain?s perception of pain. (The Times – 10th September 2005)

Look into my eyes… You won't feel a thing

Hypnotherapy is increasingly recognised as a safe and effective way of blocking out pain during operations and helping women in childbirth. Lucie Hoe reports (Daily Telegraph – 30th August 2005)

Brain Studies Investigate Pain Reduction By Hypnosis

Researchers found that volunteers under hypnosis experienced significant pain reduction in response to painful heat. They also had a distinctly different pattern of brain activity compared to when they were not hypnotized and experienced the painful heat. The changes in brain activity suggest that hypnosis somehow blocks the pain signal from getting to the parts […]

Hypnosis 'reduces cancer pain'

Childhood cancer patients suffer less pain when placed under hypnosis, scientists have claimed. Children who had been hypnotised in trials reported they had less pain from medical procedures as well as cancer-related pain. (BBC News – 10th September 2004)