Hypnotherapy for Stress

Is work stress affecting you?

Our ‘Hypnotherapy for Stress’ programme can help you deal with stress and take back control.

Are you affected by stress? Maybe you regularly take work home with you; maybe you are always trying to be in too many places at once; or maybe you can never quite find enough time for exercise, relaxation or even your family.

If so, you are not alone. Around 1 in 5 people suffers the effects of workplace stress and government research suggests over half a million people a year become ill as a result.

We are talking real physical illness, like raised blood pressure, heart attacks, headaches, back pain, and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Not to mention all the countless others who suffer relationship breakdowns, divorce, depression, anxiety or even just an unfulfilling or unhappy life.

Of course, companies have a legal obligation to take care of your health and safety whilst you are at work, but very often stress comes as a result of the way you react to the things happening around you, and the meaning you give to them.

That’s because stress is our natural reaction to situations we perceive as threatening. The problem is that it is very often our subconscious mind that makes that judgement, which is often based on our past experiences and our beliefs.

And that is why even the most successful and capable people at work can suffer the effects of stress, and why everyone is stressed at different times by different things.

Every person has different needs, but some example of stress inducing things we commonly help people with are:

  • overcoming limiting beliefs, such as perfectionism
  • finding work-life balance
  • increasing confidence and self esteem
  • presentation or interview nerves
  • dealing with frustration, anger, guilt, anxiety
  • coping with change and uncertainty
  • managing your relationship with coworkers or managers
  • changing your outlook or direction in life
  • breaking out of a rut
  • finding happiness in your work

Our ‘Hypnotherapy for Stress’ programme is a one-to-one programme which you can complete via hourly hypnotherapy sessions, or you can also jump start your progress by taking a breakthrough session.

If you are ready to beat work stress and take back control, please contact us with any questions or to arrange an appointment.