Below are a few of the many comments we’ve received over the years from the clients we’ve personally worked with. You can also watch a National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) video of a typical person talking about her experience of Hypnotherapy.

Issue: Weight Loss

I have changed my way of thinking about and the ways I eat my foods. I am eating smaller portions enjoying the tastes of my foods and enjoying different more healthier food choices.

I am surprised how easy it has become to listen to my body, recognise when I’m full up and not to want to overeat any more. I have broken the cycle of self-sabotage and feel like food is no longer constantly on my mind. It has become almost an afterthought.

Issue: Exam nerves

Although I was initially sceptical about hypnotherapy I cannot understate the impact it made upon my A-levels.

Over just 4 hours, you managed to transform my mental attitude and gave some great tips on how to revise efficiently.

Before the treatment I was stressed and lacking motivation just 2 months prior to my exams – now thanks to my newfound belief and positivity I have achieved my ambition of securing a place at The LSE

Issue: Smoking

I was a 25 a day smoker, had to have one first thing in the morning and always had to have about 5 cigarettes with me at night just in case I woke and needed one. I felt if I was stressed I needed a cigarette and often 2!!

I left knowing I was a non-smoker! I tried, thinking that it hadn’t worked, to light a cigarette but I couldn’t, didn’t want it and was happy not to and really couldn’t remember smoking !!!

Now 4 years on I don’t think about it, so it worked !!

Would recommend to anyone if it can work for me it can work for anyone

Issue: Public Speaking

I had two sessions, both very interesting.

I had to make a speech at my daughters wedding and knew I could not do it without help because I get very emotional, but the day and speech were perfect. and I was able to enjoy the day.

Many thanks.

Issue: Feeling ‘Stuck’ in Life

I just wanted to take this oportunity to say that i have had a really positive experience.

I had a number of different issues which were impacting on my enjoyment of life and i now feel so much better and more positive in my outlook for the future.

I have especially benefitted from understanding myself better, which has enabled me to deal with things and feel calm.

I would reccomend this form of therapy to anyone!

Thank you so much.

Issue: Sports Performance

Before seeing you I plodded along not winning much, not really enjoying shooting, wondering what i could do to improve.

After seeing you and in the last 3 months my shooting has improved 10 fold, I have moved from being second in C class to winning and have now been moved into B class. The club owner has said that the way that I am shooting that I will be an A class shooter by the end of the year

So once again thankyou and all the best

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