Can hypnotherapy supervision really help you grow your practice and feel successful?

Has supervision ever left you feeling like you’ve wasted your time and money, or felt like having your “homework marked”? If so, then what you are about to read may surprise you.

You see, when you connect with a supervisor who is on your side, it’s a whole different story. I was lucky: my supervisor was like a friend and mentor to me, and over the years my practice grew, I got more clients, I was motivated, I was able to appreciate the good work I was doing and in essence, went from just “working” to feeling successful.

As an NCH approved supervisor, now it’s my turn to pay that forward and my focus is on making sure supervision is something you will value too.

Hypnotherapy can be a lonely profession, and seeing clients not only impacts on our work life but on our home life too, so supervision can be an important part of staying healthy and balanced too.

When we start working together, one of the first things we’ll discuss is what you want most from supervision. You may know what you want or you may not, in that case I will work to help you:

  • Understand and know your clients – we can discuss theory, look at interventions/choices made, gain a greater understanding of what works well and why for individual clients, handle ethical issues and more.
  • Understand and know yourself – we can discuss your reactions to clients, what motivates you, spurs you on, your challenges and how you can get more from your work.
  • Understand and know your business – sometimes you might want to think about how to expand your business, CPD, get out of feeling “stuck”, self promotion, marketing etc.

My aim to add value to your practice, so unlike traditional supervisors, I’ll happily bounce ideas and share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge if its appropriate.

And it doesn’t matter where your practice is based, as I supervise hypnotherapists from all over the country by Skype, FaceTime or phone.

So if you agree that supervision should a fun, friendly and collaborative relationship that helps you grow your practice and feel successful, then you would be a great fit for my style of supervision and perhaps we should talk.

Kind regards,