Five words that help you move forward

Committing to change can be a scary thing, even if it’s something you really want. This last weekend, for example, we signed the lease agreement for my shiny new office in Waterman House. It’s a lovely office space. Bright, clean, comfortable, air conditioned, with a manned reception and everything. And after months of being without […]

Beating Low Self-Confidence

We’ve all experienced times where we feel more confident than others, but sometimes a bad experience can knock our confidence so much that it stays low. Low self confidence doesn’t always follow from a failure or bad experience, however. Sometimes, it can simply be a natural progression of having low self-esteem over a period of […]

Stoptober Giveaway

At North Kent Hypnotherapy, we’ve spent over 10 years helping people to stop smoking for good. Over that time, as you might imagine, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. However, there are only so many clients that we can physically see in each day, and we wanted to find a way to make a difference […]

Noise Link to Hypertension Strengthens

Researchers from Karolinska University in Sweden have found an increased risk of hypertension among subjects heavily exposed to road traffic noise at home. Their findings support a major review of research published in the Lancet last October, which showed that exposure to noise can not only disturb sleep, concentration and academic performance, but can also […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

As human beings, we often feel the need to be accepted by others, and so social anxiety is very common. It can occur in many different situations, and strike at any time. Even seemingly simple social interactions, such as meeting friends or queueing for a bus can trigger it. Social anxiety sufferers often fear feeling […]

DIY De-Stress Bundle

A bundle of three of our best stress busting, blood pressure lowering techniques that you can use in just 15 minutes per day. Includes: The BRAC Hack, The Stress Switch and The Stealth Superhero

The BRAC Hack

An amazingly versatile technique that can not only help reduce anxiety, stress and high blood pressure, but can also boost your confidence, self-esteem and productivity, help with sleep problems and even reduce the symptoms of IBS.

The Stealth Superhero

The Stealth Superhero is a simple technique that is ideal when preparing to go into stressful situations, such as interviews, presentations, negotiations, and even getting a date.

Why Gravesend people are brave and resilient

We’ve been serving the people of Gravesend for 10 years this year, and over that time, we’ve been quite surprised how many people we see for stress related conditions, such as anxiety, panic and phobias. Perhaps it’s not surprising, being based just a few miles from the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and the Blackwall tunnel, […]