Representational Systems Test

We communicate with the world through our five senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Each of us has a naturally preference to one or more of our senses, and this can affect our personality, the way we interact with other people and how we perceive events.

This test can help you find out which of your senses are strongest for you - however, please remember that your preferences can vary slightly depending on the context (work, home etc), and that this test is too short to give you more than an indication.

For each of the following statements, rank each of the four phrases according to your preference, so that each phrase has a rank relative to the others:-

The option which sounds the best:

A precise review and study of the issues:

My gut feelings:

The option which looks best to me:

The other persons tone of voice:

The logic of the other persons argument:

How I feel about what the other person is saying:

Whether or not I can see the other persons argument:

The tone of my voice:

The words I choose:

The feelings I share:

The look I give:

Find the ideal volume and tuning on a stereo system:

Identify the most relevant point in a discussion:

Select the most comfortable furniture:

Select attractive colour combinations:

Sensitive to the sounds of my surroundings:

Adept at making sense of new facts and data:

Sensitive to the way articles of clothing feel on my body:

Sensitive to colours and the way a room looks: