Why Choose Me As Your Supervisor?

Quite simply, because I can make a difference to your practice.

I know what it is like to be a therapist, I have been in practice since 2004 – so I know what it is like to go through phases of being quiet as well as feeling overwhelmed with clients. I can work with you at whatever stage your business is at right now.

I find I can put people at ease and make sense of things, knowing what questions to ask for you to take advantage of your skills.

I would say I have an analytical mind so given a problem, I look for an opportunity. Faced with difficulty, I am optimistic and look for a way forward. I notice the things that are often overlooked, like successes or achievements and I have the ability to recognise what will help my supervisee to make the most any situation.

I am not opinionated but I am happy to share my opinion if it helps. I specialise in supporting my supervisee’s, not only to reach their full potential but also be successful.

It is what I love about my work, being able to build a bigger picture of what is happening, with the client, within yourself and within your business…..ultimately I work with supervisee’s to be confident in who they are and what they offer – making a difference.

How I Work


Still not convinced…?

Ask yourself how you would deal with the following dilemmas that have been presented by my supervison clients…

  • “No matter what I do, my client simply isn’t moving forward and is coming in saying nothing has changed”
  • “My client came in drunk”
  • “My client has said he is having suicidal thoughts”
  • “My notes have been requested by the courts”
  • “My client said he is in an abusive relationship”
  • “My client said he has committed a crime”
  • “My client made a pass at me”
  • “My Client friend requested me on Facebook”
  • “My client has just disclosed a history of Bi-polar”
  • “Can I see a client with severe depression/epilepsy/drug dependency”
  • “Do I need to get parental consent to see a 17 year old?”
  • “I had a call from a solicitor asking for session details”
  • “My client said they didn’t have any money at the end of a session and didn’t rebook….”
  • “Should I do a home visit and what do I need to think about if I decide to”

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, drop me a note or give me a call. If I am not available, leave a message and I’ll call you back.