Hypnotherapy Sessions

Many traditional hypnotherapists treat problems. As Cognitive Hypnotherapists, our focus is on treating people. In other words, we tailor each session to your individual needs and circumstances, and we deal with what emerges.

Our approach to hypnotherapy goes far beyond the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach and superficial suggestion therapy, and we invest a great deal of personal energy into each client we work with. We therefore only accept a limited number of clients each week to ensure you get the time, attention and quality you deserve.

Our aim in each session is to help you remove any subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs and teach you the skills to develop your own powers for change so you can experience ongoing results for yourself.

We are not miracle workers though, even though the results our clients achieve may sometimes seem miraculous. So if we agree to take you on as a client, we will expect you to take personal responsibility for your change, to do any task we set, and work with us to achieve your result.

Standard Hypnotherapy Programme

Our standard hypnotherapy programme generally works as follows:

  • Intake Session (2 hours): This first session is a chance for us to discuss your goals for treatment and find out what’s going on at an emotional level, then, most importantly, help you get started towards your goal.
  • Standard Session (1 hour): Subsequent 1 hour session(s) will then help you continue moving forward, and we review progress as we go so that you get the most benefit as quickly as possible.
  • Consolidation Session (1 Hour): This final session lets us consolidate all the changes made over the course of treatment, and prepares you to carry on the good work for yourself.

Breakthough Session (3 hours)

We can also offer a 3 hour intensive breakthough session that allows you to really kick start your progress in a short period of time. The intensive nature of this session means it provides the equivalent of 4 hours of therapy.

Most clients report a significant shift after their breakthrough session, and find a consolidation session a few weeks later is all they need. Other clients like to book follow up standard sessions to deal with any outstanding issues, for ongoing coaching or personal development.

Stop Smoking Session (2 Hours)

You can quit smoking with Hypnotherapy in a single 2 hour session. We spend the first part of the session understanding your relationship to cigarettes and finding the best way to help you, so we can deliver an intervention which is specifically tailored to your particular needs.

Our approach is so successful in helping people to quit smoking that we are confident enough to offer a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE to all our stop smoking clients which entitles you to one FREE backup session in case you should need it within the first year.*


Prices, Availability and Booking

  • Standard Hypnotherapy session (1 hour): £80
  • Breakthrough Session (3 hours): £240
  • Stop Smoking Session (2 hours): £300

A discount is available for a pre-paid course of 4 standard sessions.

Each client is unique, but over the years we have found that lasting change requires commitment from you. So if you like the sound of us and are ready to take your first no-obligation step towards permanent and lasting change, then simply enter your name and email into the box on this page and we’ll immediately send you all the information you need about our current availability and next steps.

*The small print:
Free backup session is a Standard Session of up to 1 hour, and is subject to availability.
Sorry, no cash alternative, because we know the way your subconscious mind works!