Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Stop dieting and start living!

Our ‘Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss’ programme can help you lose weight, and most importantly, keep it off!

What if you could feel in control of what you eat, lose weight safely and effortlessly, and increase your confidence at the same time? With hypnotherapy for weight loss, you can!

We all know that being overweight is bad for our health, and most of us know what we should be eating and how much exercise we need. But many of us still find it hard to keep the weight off. In fact, most of the people who come to us have tried many diets which have failed.

The reason that most diets fail is that they ignore the root cause of your weight problem – your mind! Our unique hypnotherapy for weight loss programme works by using the power of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you understand and change the thought patterns that drive your behaviour, allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals permanently.

Free up your mind and change the way you feel…

Perhaps you are one of the many people who want to lose weight but just can’t seem to shed the pounds. Maybe you have had success on various diet plans, but watched in despair as the weight came back once you stopped. Or maybe you started your diet or exercise routine full of motivation, but ended up feeling miserable.

We often eat for reasons other than hunger. From a young age society feeds us with messages such as:

  • “Eat up, there are starving children in Africa”
  • “There there, have a sweet and it will feel better”
  • “If you are good, you can have some chocolate later”
  • “You’re a good girl, you’ve cleaned your plate”

and many many more. Many of these statements encourage us to either feel guilty, or associate food with comfort, love or acceptance. They act like software programs and get ‘installed’ in our young minds, out of conscious awareness.

Change the way you feel and your behaviour changes…

Our minds are very powerful, and our thoughts affect the way we feel, which in turn affect the way we behave. If you no longer associate food with comfort or feeling good, and no longer feel you must clean your plate, it then becomes natural for your eating habits to change, and you will lose weight because you stop meeting your emotional needs with food.

Feelings might not just be about food. Some people find it easy to eat the right foods, but find they lack motivation to exercise. This is often as a result of negative experiences at school, which the unconscious mind wants to avoid you repeating.

Our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme allows your adult brain to re-evaluate the programs driving your unconscious, allowing you to find the right balance of healthy diet and exercise to lose weight easily and keep it off. With our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme you can:

  • Understand and change your relationship with food
  • Stop the endless diets
  • Stop obsessing about food
  • Control cravings
  • Stop eating the wrong foods at the wrong times, and in the wrong amounts
  • Feel more in control
  • Improve your confidence and the way you feel about yourself

Hypontherapy for weight loss: Enjoy your health… enjoy your life

Our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme is designed to allow you to take control of your mind allowing you to feel in control of the rest of your life. By taking control of your weight in this way, you will not feel that you are losing out or being deprived of food.

Just imagine starting to believe that you can be what you want to be… and doing what you want to do with confidence and energy.

Our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme is a one-to-one programme which you can complete via hourly hypnotherapy sessions, or you can also jump start your progress by taking a breakthrough session.

If you are ready to stop dieting and start living, please call us on 01474 740724 or contact us via email here.