Beating Low Self-Confidence

We’ve all experienced times where we feel more confident than others, but sometimes a bad experience can knock our confidence so much that it stays low.

Low self confidence doesn’t always follow from a failure or bad experience, however. Sometimes, it can simply be a natural progression of having low self-esteem over a period of time.

Low self-confidence can make it difficult to cope in many areas, including work, social and stressful situations. Outward signs of low self-confidence include appearing shy, nervous or socially withdrawn, especially in confrontational or stressful situations.

And in the same way that low self-esteem can encourage low self-confidence, so too can suffers of low self-confidence begin to experience feelings of low self esteem, such as feeling worthless or inadequate.

The important thing to remember is that people are not born with low self-confidence.

Low self-confidence is a learned response which is often the result of a bitter disappointment or failure, bullying, or years of critical parenting.

Not only can ongoing low self-confidence damage self-esteem, but it can also lead to a host of other problems, such as stress, depression and anxiety.

This is why it’s important to seek help as quickly as possible if your confidence is knocked for a long period of time, as negative thinking patterns can quickly develop and spiral out of control.

Left untreated, low self-confidence can have a knock-on effect and spread to all areas of your life, from your ability to maintain a job to your ability to maintain supportive relationships.

Thankfully, low confidence can often be easily reversed in a relatively short period of time – that’s because most people with low self-confidence have simply got into a habit of feeling that way.

By helping your to change these habitual thought patterns and giving you back a degree of control, confidence quickly returns.

As confidence begins to improve, this creates a positive feedback cycle in which improvements in relationships, social and work life begin to fuel confidence at an ever increasing rate.

One of the best treatments for low self-confidence is hypnotherapy, as it deals with the underlying factors causing habitual low self-confidence.

When you come to see us, we can help you to identify and resolve the underlying issues so that you can begin to create a positive feedback loop, and begin to adopt new, more helpful ways of thinking.

And once the underlying issues are dealt with, most clients find it much easier than they imagined to to get back to a ‘normal life’.

So if you’ve suffered a loss of self-confidence or low self-esteem, why not get in touch and see how we can help you too.