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Noise Link to Hypertension Strengthens

Researchers from Karolinska University in Sweden have found an increased risk of hypertension among subjects heavily exposed to road traffic noise at home. Their findings support a major review of research published in the Lancet last October, which showed that exposure to noise can not only disturb sleep, concentration and academic performance, but can also […]

The BRAC Hack

An amazingly versatile technique that can not only help reduce anxiety, stress and high blood pressure, but can also boost your confidence, self-esteem and productivity, help with sleep problems and even reduce the symptoms of IBS.

Why People Need Hypnotherapy…

Life has a funny way of convincing us that we are not good enough – and this in turn can lead to all kinds of problems including: Social phobias such as exam, interview, dating or presentation nerves Performance issues at work, in sport and the bedroom Lack of motivation or confidence, anxiety and depression Self […]