Why Gravesend people are brave and resilient

Gravesend people are brave and resilient

Gravesend people are brave and resilient

We’ve been serving the people of Gravesend for 10 years this year, and over that time, we’ve been quite surprised how many people we see for stress related conditions, such as anxiety, panic and phobias.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, being based just a few miles from the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and the Blackwall tunnel, that we’ve also seen our fair share of people who couldn’t face heights or enclosed spaces.

At first, we wondered if the presence of these two ‘challenges’ was responsible for the number of phobia clients who come to us for help, but having spoken to colleagues in other parts of the country, Gravesend is fairly typical, it seems.

Our stop smoking programme has also been appreciated by many men and women of Gravesend. Perhaps it’s the effectiveness of the sessions or our 1 year guarantee that excites the volume of word-of-mouth referrals we’ve had.

Or maybe it’s just that smokers are generally quite happy to admit they had help quitting, and to share their ‘secret’ with others.

Certainly, we now attract clients from far and wide to our therapy room in Gravesend – with some travelling from London, Maidstone and even other parts of the country to see us.

You see, Hypnotherapy is such a powerful way to resolve troublesome thoughts, problem behaviours, internal conflicts, unwanted feelings and even pain, that we can often help in surprising ways.

But this blog post isn’t really about us. You see, over the years of working with the people of Gravesend, we have found that they are really quite brave and resilient.

As you walk around town, you’d never guess that there are so many people are coping with major challenges in their lives.

And yet they still soldier on and live their lives apparently normally.

And whilst we’ve helped many, many people over the last 10 years to overcome the damage they have suffered from years of unhelpful conditioning – which has damaged their self-esteem, knocked their confidence, created unhelpful coping patterns and more – these people are not the minority.

They are ordinary people just like you and me. The only difference between them and the thousands of others suffering in Gravesend is that they decided to change their situation and had the bravery and courage to do something about it.

So today we salute you, the brave and resilient people of Gravesend, and thank you for allowing us to help you over the last 10 years. We like to hope that our work together has helped make Gravesend just that little bit better.

And if you’ve been soldiering on with something you’ve had enough of – something you’d like to change which would make a big difference in your life – why not get in touch and we can talk about how we can help.