Omega-3 Foods May Help Mental Outlook

New research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine suggests that omega-3s can have a significant impact on mental health.

They found that people with low blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids were more likely to report mild to moderate symptoms of depression, more moodiness, and more impulsivity, which in extreme forms manifests as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Conversely, people with higher blood levels of omega-3s were found to be more agreeable, based on the results of standardized tests.

“Clearly, larger studies are needed to understand the relationship between behavior and these fats, but by following the American Health Association recommendations to eat two fish meals a week people may be protecting both their hearts and their mental health”, says researcher Sarah Conkin, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

(Web MD – 3rd March 2006)