Why People Need Hypnotherapy…

Life has a funny way of convincing us that we are not good enough – and this in turn can lead to all kinds of problems including: Social phobias such as exam, interview, dating or presentation nerves Performance issues at work, in sport and the bedroom Lack of motivation or confidence, anxiety and depression Self […]

Women hypertensive smokers risk brain haemorrhage

Women who smoke and have high blood pressure are twenty times more likely to have a brain haemorrhage when compared with non-smoking men with normal blood pressure, according to new research. A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke, caused by an artery in the brain bursting. Often, this happens at a weak spot in […]

Heidi Woodgate quoted in the Times Newspaper

Heidi made a blog post earlier this month on our Blissful Birth hypnobirthing website, talking about Kate Middleton considering hypnobirthing. The post caught the attention of the national papers, and the article was quoted in a number of the broadsheets papers. The Times ran articles both on the Times Website (subscription required to view the full article) and in […]

World kindness day… what's in it for you?

Today is World Kindness Day, a day dedicated to the celebration and promotion of kindness in all its forms. But why should you bother being kind to others? What’s in it for you? A great deal, as it turns out. Studies have shown that kindness causes a boost in both mood and the immune system… in both […]

Be Your Own Leveson Enquiry

A blog post by my good friend Trevor Silvester prompted me to do something I’ve never really done before… I made a representation to the Leveson Enquiry into the Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press about the influence the Press has on our society. You see, as human beings, we are influenced by the ‘opinion […]

Phone and Email problems – now resolved

We’ve just noticed that that the server move we did a couple of weeks ago introduced a little glitch which stopped us receiving our phone messages and emails from our contact form. And we thought it had just been unusually quiet! It’s now fixed and we are once again able to receive calls and emails. […]

Why New Year resolutions are so hard to keep

Why is it that every New Year we start off with such good intentions, only to find they have melted away by the end of January? The reason is simple – we just don’t feel like changing. Many people have an inner conflict between their thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to New Year […]

Rob Woodgate Awarded Fellowship

This Press Release was featured in the Gravesend Reporter, 1/12/11: Gravesend hypnotherapist, Rob Woodgate, has been made a Fellow of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapy organisations. The honour, which is granted to hypnotherapists who have made a significant contribution to the profession of Hypnotherapy, was announced during the […]