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Fear of Flying

According to the ‘Fear of Flying’ programme broadcast tonight on Channel 4, as many as one person in five of us has some degree of phobic reaction to flying – that’s 20% of the population! High profile disasters and terrorist atrocities, such as 9/11, only serve to heighten our fears. According to research reported in […]

117 days later

Today in London, some 2300 people gathered in St Pauls catherdral to pay tribute to those whose lives were shattered by the 7th July London bombings. The bombings claimed 52 lives, injured hundreds of other people, and traumatised the nation to varying degrees. For many, this service will provide the sense of closure they need […]

Emotional Freedom Technique

emofree.com is the official website of Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. Its primary purpose is to provide education and inspiration for EFT practitioners, however there is plenty of information of interest to the general public too.