Are you ready to bare all this summer?

The warm weather that we have been enjoying lately reminds us that the winter is well and truly over and that the summer holidays are nearly upon us. And with thoughts of bikinis and shorts, comes the realisation that there is a little bit more of us to see than last year.

There are over 5000 different diet plans in the world, and there is one problem with all of them. They don?t work long term. The problem with diets is that they trigger your natural survival mechanisms ? your body believes that food (or certain essential food groups) have become scarce, so you start to get cravings that motivate you to find them; fatty or sweet foods become especially attractive because they have high-energy value.

Of course you lose weight initially, but as soon as you stop dieting your body starts storing the surplus to help you build up reserves, in case there is another famine! And so the yo-yo diet cycle continues.

The real issue is that we eat for reasons other than hunger. Hypnotherapy can help you to change your relationship to food, allowing you to take control of your eating habits and break out of the endless diet trap. It is not the cheapest way to lose weight, but it is certainly the most effective and longest lasting. And because you are not denying yourself the foods you love, it is also fun and easy.