Kent Hypnotherapists Give Up the Ghost

Well, not quite – but we have renamed our practice “North Kent Hypnotherapy”.

Our practice was originally called Ghost Gum Therapy, a name we chose because it is a great metaphor for the work we do. The Ghost Gum is an Australian Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Papuana) whose name comes from the white chalky coating it secretes on its bark. By day this coating can be used to provide sun block protection. By night, it provides an eerie glow, enabling people to make their way through the dark. The branches of the Ghost Gum make excellent firewood and the leaves can be used to catch fish. With this amazing versatility, the Ghost Gum provides a great deal help and support to the native Aboriginal people.

The Ghost Gum has the ability to survive in the harshest climates of the Australian Outback by knowing how to look after itself. When the water supply is scarce, rather than dying off, the Ghost Gum cuts off the water and nutrient supply to its non-essential branches, allowing it to lose its excess baggage and thrive. In this way, by making changes and addressing those parts which are not helpful, it is always able to adapt and move forward in its life.

We decided to change to our new name because it simply says exactly what we do and where we do it – Hypnotherapy in North Kent!

The new name also compliments Heidi’s brand spanking new counselling website – North Kent Counselling.