Noise Link to Hypertension Strengthens

noise linked to high blood pressure
noise linked to high blood pressure

Researchers from Karolinska University in Sweden have found an increased risk of hypertension among subjects heavily exposed to road traffic noise at home.

Their findings support a major review of research published in the Lancet last October, which showed that exposure to noise can not only disturb sleep, concentration and academic performance, but can also increase the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The Karolinska research, which followed over 5,000 people for a ten year period in Stockholm, suggested a strong connection between exposure to road traffic noise and heart attack (myocardial infarction), as well as a correlation between noise and obesity. The risk was dramatically increased for those heavily exposed to air craft noise.

It’s the stress, stupid!

It’s great to see research validating what we’ve been seeing clinically for the last 10 years in our Hypnotension work – that Hypertension is a response to long term exposure to environmental  stressors, such as noise, allergens and pollution, as well as emotional stressors such as unresolved anger or guilt, feeling burdened by responsibility, feeling a lack of control in life, and many more.

Since the early days of mankind, noise has often been a signal that danger may be nearby, and so we are programmed to respond to it automatically as a survival mechanism.

When we are exposed to stressors such as noise, our natural ‘fight or flight’ response is activated. The body is flooded with the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, which prepare us for action. Our breathing pattern changes, muscles tense and pulse rate & blood pressure rises.

The problem is that modern stressors like noise can’t be so easily fought or escaped, which leads to a chronic accumulation of these blood vessel tightening stress hormones.

Noise makes you fat too

The Karolinska research also found that noise increased obesity levels. They noted that each ten-decibel rise in the noise levels a person was exposed to added around 1cm to their waistline.

Ten decibels is the difference between listening to a radio and listening to an alarm clock.

But how does this make people fat? We’ll, the stress hormone, Cortisol, encourages visceral fat storage, which is the type of fat most likely to lead to heart disease.

This increase in fat storage just compounds the hypertension issue, as blood pressure increases proportionately with weight, and research has shown that each 1Kg weight gain can raise blood pressure by 1/1mmHg (adding 1 to both of your blood pressure numbers).

Noise cannot always be easily avoided, so this is where we can help.

Using hypnotherapy, we can help your subconscious mind ignore or respond differently to the noise pollution in your life so that it is no longer is a source of stress.

We can also teach you strategies to help you lower your overall stress levels so you can “mop up” excess levels of stress hormones created by the hidden stressors in your life.

So if you have primary or ‘essential’ hypertension (the kind that doesnt have a known medical cause) or your doctor has told you to look at changing your lifestyle to lower your blood pressure, then you might be a great fit for the work we do.

If so, why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat.


Image: Paul M. Walsh / Wikimedia Commons