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Noise Link to Hypertension Strengthens

Researchers from Karolinska University in Sweden have found an increased risk of hypertension among subjects heavily exposed to road traffic noise at home. Their findings support a major review of research published in the Lancet last October, which showed that exposure to noise can not only disturb sleep, concentration and academic performance, but can also […]

We’re In The Guardian and Observer Guide to Relaxation

The Guardian and Observer are running a two part feature on massage and relaxation this weekend, and we are listed in the section on Cognitive Hypnotherapy. As specialists in Stress, Anxiety and Panic, we can help you to deal more effectively with the strain of modern living. Whether you want to learn to relax more, […]

Power of suggestion

Hypnosis gains support as medical tool for dealing with pain, recovery, stress. Teaching hospitals such as Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Harvard Medical School are studying and using hypnosis to speed surgical recoveries and manage pain. Stanford University School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic are studying its effectiveness for treating […]