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Word Weaving: The Science of Suggestion

The Word Weaving approach underpins our work at North Kent Hypnotherapy. Unlike many traditional hypnotherapists who have a script for every client issue, we believe in tailoring each intervention to the specific client. As Word Weaving suggests, the problem is not the problem; it is the clients unique relationship to the problem that’s the problem. […]

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness is the title book and website of Dr Martin E.P. Seligman, author of ‘Learned Optimism‘. Dr Seligman is one of the key proponents in the field of ‘Positive Psychology’. Positive Psychology focuses on a persons strengths rather than weaknesses, and asserts that happiness is created, rather than the result of good genes or […]

Anglo American Books

We have found that Anglo American Books are one of the best suppliers of Hypnosis and NLP related books. If you can’t find a particular hypnosis title on Amazon, then chances are that AA Books will have it.