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How To Feel Happier After The Christmas Holidays

The party season has ended, the credit card bills are starting to hit the mat, you are carrying a few extra pounds from all that lovely Christmas food and drink, and your motivation towards all those resolutions you were so keen on 3 weeks ago is starting to wear thin… So what can you do? […]

Beliefs found to affect womens maths performance

According to research published in Science (Vol 314, p435), women led to believe that genetic factors cause female under-achievement subsequently perform much worse in maths tests than those told that social factors (such as teacher attention being given to boys) are responsible. The two studies, undertaken by Steven Heine and Ilan Dar-Nimrod at the University […]

Create Your Day

The title for this article comes from the film, What The Bleep Do We Know!?, which we saw the other night. It is a strange mix of serious documentary on the science of Quantum Theory, woven around an entertaining story about a photographer who starts to see the world in a new way. The film […]