Heidi Woodgate quoted in the Times Newspaper

Heidi made a blog post earlier this month on our Blissful Birth hypnobirthing website, talking about Kate Middleton considering hypnobirthing. The post caught the attention of the national papers, and the article was quoted in a number of the broadsheets papers. The Times ran articles both online and in the newspaper. Here’s an extract from the print edition: […]

Rob Woodgate Awarded Fellowship

Gravesend Reporter, 1/12/11: A hypnotherapist has been made a Fellow of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapy organisations. The honour, which is granted to those who have made a significant contribution to the profession, was announced during the NCH ‘Hypnotherapy Extravaganza’ at the Royal Society for Medicine on November […]

Rob invited to speak at the RSM

We’re pleased to announce that Rob will be speaking about our Hypnotension approach to High Blood Pressure at the Royal Society of Medicine, on Saturday 19th November as part of the annual ‘Hypnotherapy Extravaganza’ organised by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH). Rob is one of four speakers at this prestigious event, including Patrick Holford, Dr Brian […]

Rob talks about Fears and Phobias on BBC Radio Kent

Following the story of the Dallas man who got stuck for hours on a bungee ride which got tangled, after his well meaning fiancee convinced him it would help his fear of heights, BBC Radio Kent invited Rob to join their discussion on fears and phobias on the Pat Marsh show. You can listen to […]

We’re In The Guardian and Observer Guide to Relaxation

The Guardian and Observer are running a two part feature on massage and relaxation this weekend, and we are listed in the section on Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Here are some extracts from the article on Cognitive Hypnotherapy. “Cognitive hypnotherapy provides overworked minds with the toolkit they need to fix their own stresses and strains. It is […]