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Lisa Butcher Boosts Her Confidence With Cognitive Hypnotherapy

In her new monthly column in the Mail on Sunday, Star of BBC’s “What Not To Wear”, Lisa Butcher reveals she visited a Quest-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist to boost her confidence in front of camera. In her words, “When I started work on What Not To Wear at the BBC, the clothes I wore were important, […]

We’re In The Guardian and Observer Guide to Relaxation

The Guardian and Observer are running a two part feature on massage and relaxation this weekend, and we are listed in the section on Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Here are some extracts from the article on Cognitive Hypnotherapy. “Cognitive hypnotherapy provides overworked minds with the toolkit they need to fix their own stresses and strains. It is […]

Cognitive Hypnotherapy vs Clinical Hypnotherapy

A few clients have asked if there are any differences between various types of Hypnotherapists, and in particular the difference between Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. This article will attempt to clarify the main terms used in the profession and clear up this potentially confusing distinction.