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Self Hypnosis mp3 for childbirth now with binaural beats

We are pleased to announce that our self hypnosis mp3 for natural birth now uses binaural beats to make them even more effective. Binaural beats are created when sounds of slightly sifferent frequencies are heard separately by each ear, and combined by the brain to create a third perceived ‘sound’ which is the difference between […]

Relaxation Techniques and Self Hypnosis MP3 for Labour

We are pleased to announce that you can now learn self hypnosis and relaxation techniques for pregnancy and labour pain management in the comfort of your own home thanks to our new “Learn at home” hypnobirthing class. Learning relaxation techniques and self hypnosis for preganancy can give you a sense of control over your mind […]

Hypnosis and Acupuncture Show Promise for Labour Pain

A review of non-drug pain relief therapies suggests that hypnosis and acupuncture may ease labour pain. “There is too little research to assess how effective many complementary therapies will be with pain management in labour,” said lead study author Caroline Smith. Further research is needed, she said, but “the results concerning acupuncture and hypnosis are […]

Power of suggestion

Hypnosis gains support as medical tool for dealing with pain, recovery, stress. Teaching hospitals such as Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Harvard Medical School are studying and using hypnosis to speed surgical recoveries and manage pain. Stanford University School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic are studying its effectiveness for treating […]