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Become an Optimist

As we highlighted in a previous article, it pays to be an optimist. Take a look at the following letters: HAPPINESSISNOWHERE What did you read? Was it “Happiness is nowhere” or “Happiness is now here”?

Valentines Day and Representational Systems

Ah, Valentines day. A time for hopeless romantics to show the object of their desires just how much they mean to them… or perhaps a day when, despite our best efforts, relationships are strained by words and actions which do not seem to meet our partner’s needs or expectations? Chances are, if you found yourself […]

Everything is possible

An article in this week’s Sunday Times highlights the benefits of NLP in helping people overcome habits and negative behaviours. As Anita Chaudhuri reports, NLP is a way of reprogramming the mind in order to change negative behaviour. It works by identifying subconscious pessimistic patterns, then zaps them by replacing them with new thoughts and […]

Personality Test Now Online

Our resources section now has an online Representational Systems Test, which allows you to find out which of your senses you favour, and how this can affect your personality, interactions with others, and perception of events.

Don’t Look for Heroes; Be One!

I was inspired to write a few lines after reading a short article entitled Anthony Robbins On Being A Hero on NLP Weekly. As human beings we very often limit ourselves by our beliefs – that is, we so often look at what we can’t do and don’t want that we forget, or stop believing […]

NLP Weekly

NLP Weekly is a US based free-style online magazine devoted to bringing up-to-date practical NLP & Hypnosis information, techniques, and patterns, both to educated practitioners, as well as the general public.

NLP University Encyclopedia

The NLP University Encyclopedia is an online encyclopedia of NLP, created by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. Both were part of the original group working with Richard Bandler and John Grinder back in the early days of NLP.

The Quest Institute

The Quest Institute is an internationally renowned Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP Training school, which offers courses from Regents College, London. The principle trainer is Trevor Silvestor, author of WordWeaving, the Science of Suggestion.